Three steps: Find your message, define your audience, choose your words

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12 December 2006


In very simple terms, these three steps define the act of communication. They are the core of Wimar Witoelarís pep talk at President University, an institution that has hosted three presidents, Abdurrahman Wahid, Megawati Sukarnoputri and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Wimarís first visit had a historical flavor as he received the delegation of founders of PU when he was President Wahidís spokesperson. The name President University was suggested by Gus Dur on that occasion.

Wimar and InterMatrix received red-carpet treatment from the Rector and staff and hundreds of enthusiastic students. The event was conceived by Khatrine Sipahutar, a PU student who has just fiinished her internship at InterMatrix.  Internship advisor Felix Cabral, Rector Muliawati G. Siswanto and Vice Rector Ng Siah Heng were among the hosts who extended gracious hospitality to the  IMX delegation. Others included Teodoro G. Gomez,  B.M.A.S. Anaconda Bangkara, dan Hira Meidia B. 


The points of Wimarís presentation were simple. In a world full of people, you have to communicate.In fact, you are communicating whether you want to or not. Not just in words but also in pictures, movements or body language. There are countless media with which to communicate. Direct contact, print, radio and television, internet. At the highest level, your ideas spread by themselves.

It is very easy to get serious about communication, because it all starts with personal communication. If you are able to connect to people then you are off to a good start. For the typical student the next world to conquer would be business communication. You learn to understand clients and markets, techniques on presentation, promotion, negotiation and public relations.

The most challenging and powerful type is political communication. The audience extend to milliions and the messages can change the world. Many people with communication skills eventually end up in political careers. This is why student politics are very important to practice communication skills.

The Q&A session revea;ed great intelligence among PU students, who conduct all their activities in the Engliosh language.  One student asked about barriers to communication due to selective cognition and different vales. The simple answer is, try to use the other partyís frame of mind.  The next student asked why it is very difficult to trust this government. ?Ē Wimar said, apart from genuine differences in orientation, the problem is that the Presidential team has no clear stand on the issues. By being reactive and tryinng to please everyone, their message is lost.

Check out the pictures. You might be in them.


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  1. From Felix C. on 13 December 2006 09:28:27 WIB
    I would like to take this opportunity to say my many thanks to Mr. Wimar. The students were given a rare treat and opportunity to hear and meet you in person. They enjoyed very much your seminar.

    Let's continue to have further collaborations in the future.
  2. From Chika on 13 December 2006 09:38:20 WIB
    i regret cause i couldn't attend this seminar.
    i feel like i have lost a great opportunity. reading this article and looking all the tagged photos....i feel relief cause i have a glimpse of view what was the seminar about and what was happening at that time (^-^)
  3. From Ramli Sihaloho on 13 December 2006 17:51:00 WIB

    movements and body language in a communication are very critical aspect. the only way to learn those two things is by exercise or practice. more practice resulting more better communication ability. not enough just reading or watching out.
  4. From KS on 13 December 2006 19:42:27 WIB
    to Chika: I told u before, rite?
    Btw, It was a great seminar.
    Thanks so much for WW and team.
    We are waiting for the next seminar ...

  5. From Dela on 14 December 2006 07:01:07 WIB
    Katrine..!! i even don't know that occasion, why don't u told me dear??? hiks..hiks....
    WW.....i do adore u.....
  6. From Nadia K. Tika on 14 December 2006 14:20:39 WIB
    It's such an honor that WW is willing to come to President University... It will be an honor as well if he's willing to be our lecturer in PU, especially in the last semester of PR students batch 2003... ^_^
    Thanks very much to Kat, for bringing the goodwill of PU to InterMatrix... I promise I won't tease you anymore (but I don't know 'bout the rest of the class)...
    Thanks also to was an inspiring seminar, and I can see how inspiring you are in person...
  7. From elrossi on 15 December 2006 11:29:44 WIB
    I believe that everything comes for a certain reason. The reason is the one I try to figure out in each occasion and moment in my life. The one reason why I enter PU is probably to have and meet Wimar Witoelar to teach me how to communicate well. It was a valuable experience for me to have this seminar. Thank you
  8. From octrin19 on 15 December 2006 14:58:33 WIB
    Nice talk! Can't wait for another one. Be our lecturer Mr. Witoelar!! ^^
  9. From Lily on 15 December 2006 17:00:37 WIB
    thank you very much for your answer about "unethical recording". I will try to know more about Indonesian policies. Hopefully you will be our teacher. See you soon.
  10. From Ramli Sihaloho on 16 December 2006 07:12:15 WIB

    "Lily" is Indonesian name. but you are going to explore or find out about Indonesian policies. hard to understand this phenomenon. really you are not copy any Indonesian goverment regulation of ethic ! how come and how it's happened ? please tell us the truth in effort to give you necessary feedback.

    sorry, i do not have any intention to make you on difficult situation. the point is just to make clear your statement that required more explanation.
  11. From nn on 16 December 2006 10:13:32 WIB
    Lily is her nick name, she's Vietnamese.
  12. From wimar on 16 December 2006 10:31:51 WIB
    Actually Lily is not an Indonesian name. It is an English name. Simply means "lily" from the name of the flower, a symbol of purity. The word is ultimately derived from the Latin word 'lilium'.

    You can find Lily's picture at this address:

    Yes, she is Vietnamese and English is the operating language at President University where Lily is a student.

  13. From Ramli Sihaloho on 16 December 2006 14:15:06 WIB

    thank you Sir for your detail explanation and updated my knowledge . my concern was raised due to so many Indonesian people have name like that ( Lily ) . once again, thank you very much and apologize for any inconvinience and missunderstanding.

  14. From AnakPUyggagahberani on 17 December 2006 13:42:27 WIB
    d'oh! I wasn't comin on that day!(my bad!)

    anyway, i heard that you wanna be the next vice president of Indonesia(?????)

    who's going to be the president?
  15. From Iwan $ on 19 December 2006 21:05:31 WIB

    I was coming on that day, what a rare opportunity...

    n the best part is, I was include in 1st n 2nd photo above (on da 2nd photo my style was cool with that black t-shirt)!


    to Mr.Wimar : please come again to PU, you ROCK dude !! btw I'm a big fan of Gus Dur too.

  16. From IKA APRIANI FATA on 28 December 2006 17:19:39 WIB
    hi guys you are so lucky to have such this seminar,
    to : mr.Wimar witular would you like to inform about a plan to make seminar event or somethings similar.
    i do hope so,
    but this webite is really inspring ,, moreover while having a meeting , an occasion to talk or chat with you sir directly.
    to another friends,,, keep spirit
    en chayo ````:)))))``````:)
  17. From 3mmy on 04 January 2007 19:06:03 WIB
    hua... :( what a big regrets....
    i just know that there is a seminar and WW is the speaker....
    i hope next time u can come again to PU and give us more expiriences....
    i saw Wimar's world last night and it's very attractive
    hm.. can't wait for the next sesions ....

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