Wimar's take on the SBY cabinet reshuffle

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20 October 2011

It is not crucially important to analyze the SBY Cabinetr Reshuffle. After all, it is his prerogative and the proof should be in the pudding. Better to follow the actions by the new team. But still, the media wants people to say something. So here are some of Wimar's comments on the matter.




Political commentator Wimar Witoelar says, because of this arrangement, the president appointed some rival party members in the cabinet who worked to undermine his agenda.

"People who are using the cabinet position for political ends. People who are subverting the government policies for party gain.  And, people who are just not performing. So as I see it, three shortcomings, various cabinet ministers have in different measures is ineffectiveness, disloyalty, and hidden agenda."

The new cabinet still includes members of other parties.  The Golkar party, which holds significant power in the house of representative, retains three cabinet positions.  But the new heads of the strategically important ministries of State Owned Enterprises, Energy, Trade, Law and Human Rights all come from the president's Democratic party.  

Also important, Witoelar says, was the change the president did not make, despite pressure from Golkar party chairman and businessman Aburizal Bakrie.

"For me the most significant non-change is for the Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo to remain in place, despite heavy pressure and almost blackmail the most powerful politician businessman in the country and the president did not give in," noted Witoelar.

Witoelar says sound fiscal policy has been the cornerstone of Yudhoyono's tenure, which helps maintain investor confidence and strong economic growth


Radio Australia

Indonesia's embattled Finance Minister has survived a cabinet reshuffle that saw seven of his colleagues replaced. A prominent Indonesian commentator says while there are no radical changes, the finance minister, who had a reputation for agitating some of Indonesia's top business identities, has kept his portfolio. "The most significant part of the reshuffle - which is what did not change - is having the finance minister stay in his position when he had been under severe pressure to be removed," Wimar Witoelar said.

ANd here in Indonesian is another quote from Wimar

Pedoman News

Menanggapi masa kepemimpinan Presiden RI, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) yang tinggal dua tahun lagi, Wimar Witoelar, mengajak masyarakat agar tak perlu menanggapi apa yang dilakukan para pemimpin negeri ini.

“Dia tinggal dua tahun lagi jadi tidak usah ditanggapi,“ ujarnya ketika menghadiri peluncuran sebuah majalah di Puri Agung, Hotel Grand Sahid Jakarta, Selasa (18/10).

Mantan juru bicara Istana era Presiden Abdurahman Wahid, Wimar Witoelar, mengatakan bahwa dirinya akan mendukung semua partai yang ada di negara Indonesia asalkan partai itu mengusung kejujuran, tegas dan mampu.

“Saya mendukung semua partai yang jujur, tegas dan mampu,“ ujarnya.

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  1. From Ludjana on 21 October 2011 05:46:59 WIB
    Wimar is right, when he says that the proof should be in the pudding
    Still, special attention should be taken to points, which prove than SBY has his own will

    The positve points, for me at least are
    Keeping Agus Martowardojo as finance minister, showing that he is not protecting the tax emblezzer notably ARB
    Appointing new Minister of Justice, adding Denny Inrdriana as his deputy, showing that he wants to eracidate corrumption (hm)
    Appointing new ministers who has OK reputations, like Gita Wiryawan and Dahlan Iskan

    I do not want io point out the negative points, because they are easier to detect, almost all based on his desire that he wants to friends with EVERYONE.
  2. From Kismet Argopradipto on 25 October 2011 04:31:58 WIB
    Nice analysis. Agree on Finance Minister. Economy and taxes are too crucial to be given to political person.
  3. From Arie on 01 November 2011 08:23:24 WIB
    agree the public pressures are obvious, public wants honest and ethical leader who can control its follower, no compromise on bringing idealism into politic as this is the only currency to excel in the next election. Parties must promote and control their best practice and clean people. For decades we, even the politicians believe that in politic there are no true friends but only interests. This should change, no interests should decay friendships among citizens, all parties must compete in the spirit of friendship and the politic will not turn into the killing ground, politic simply the show arena for the best people to perform. Reshuffle can protect political interests but my observation is about how the team can invent a good platform/system to follow and not fame. About process and result and not about image, this means javanese, western, or any other style used will always be in questions so we can define a true indonesian culture of success.

  4. From Caelyn on 25 November 2011 19:09:38 WIB
    I much prefer informative acrtlies like this to that high brow literature.

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