Global Handwashing Day with the Minister of Health

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16 October 2012


Kiti Pangemanan


photo by Rumiatun

In the fight against diarrhea and respiratory diseases, PT. Unilever Indonesia, Tbk. through their health soap brand Lifebuoy were involved in the GHD(Global Handwashing Day) which was  conducted by the Indonesian Ministry of Health at SDN Karet 05 Pagi, Kuningan - Jakarta on the 15th of October 2012.

This event was intended as an active message to tell the world how important it is to exterminate germs by hand washing with soap. To deliver the message, Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, SpA, M.P.H, the Indonesian Minister of Health, held a light talk with students as well as Hygiene Ambassadors to highlight the risks of not washing your hands before and after your activities. Dr. Nafsiah Mboi strongly urges hand washing as a routine activitity starting from an  early age.

This event was also attended by Angela Kirney of Unicef who cautioned against ignoring the importance of hand washing with soap. “I expect this HCTPS is not only for today. It takes commitment, innovation and support to reduce diarrhea by half”. She was also cited data that showed millions of lives have been taken by diseases which begin from the bad habit of not washing hands with soap.

The GHD event met with great response. Primary schools SDN Karet 04, 05, and 06 Pagi, represented by Suharso as the principal of SDN Karet 05 Pagi, achieved its purpose to apply Hand Washing manners to students by providing new facilities such as two restrooms donated by the local district, one by Unilever, and another restroom by PT. Adaro.  As Dr. Nafsiah Mboi said, “Restrooms will be useless without its water”, so she is encouraged her to donate clean water from the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Lifebuoy also applied their commitment to save lives by donating soap supplies and hand washing tools for SDN Karet 04 , 05, and 06 Pagi. The eventg was attended by Unilever and Lifebuoy top management who gave instructions on how to do Hand Washing With Soap properly. Donations from the facebook program will be in the form of sanitation and hygiene facilities awarded to 10 Primary schools in 10 privinces selected for the Lifebuoy program.

In another story, Lifebuoy also facilitated virtual donations by using Lifebuoy’s facebook account and inviting popular interaction by clicking the “Like” button which is matched by a donation of Rp. 1000 for each person.

Just like the Global Handwashing Day event last year, this event repeats the right times to wash your hands with soap in order to cultivate the habit. Dr. Nafsiah Mboi and the Hygiene Ambassadors emphasized awareness by reminding: “Wash your hands before you eat, before breast feeding, after having contact with animals and dirt, and after defecating. The only persons who can save the world is you and me”


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