Perspektif Online, One of 5 Top Indonesian Blogs to Check Out

27 January 2014

Source: Global Indonesian Voice

The blogging community in Indonesia has seen emergence of good quality blogs over time on an array of interesting focuses. The number of blogs in English has also increased, allowing Indonesian bloggers to reach out to a larger community around the world.

Indonesia’s online community is huge. In 2013, the number of Indonesian Internet users is estimated to be 74.6 million and this number is expected to hit 100 million by the end of 2015, a rapid growth that may lead for a social media revolution in South East Asia. In 2010, the Jakarta Globe reported that there were 3.2 million local bloggers swarming amongst the Internet users, and correctly predicted that the number would be fast growing.

Here are the Global Indonesian Voices’s top 5 picks for blogs that are worth a visit: Hot Chocolate and Mint by Diana Rikasari, Perspektif by Wimar Witoelar, Budi Putra, Glisters and Blisters by Michelle Koesandi, and Unspun by Ong Hock Chuan.

Perspektif by Wimar Witoelar

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Perspektif is an insightful blog by Wimar Witoelar, a renowned public speaker, host, writer, newspaper consultant, and professor. The blog has a strong online presence and put forward the viewpoints of numerous people on a range of topics from politics to football. On 17 January 2014, the blog published an interview with Maman Suherman, a journalist and author, who gave thought-provoking ideas of the deceptions created by the mainstream media. 

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