The Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) Denies that they, will flood 9,600 Hectares

Medan Bisnis Daily
25 February 2019

Oleh: Medan Bisnis Daily  FEBRUARY 21ST, 2019


The Batang Toru Refuses Hydroelectric Power Plant has Flooded 9,600 Hectares North Sumatra Hydro Energy (NSHE) company as the manager of the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) with a capacity of 510 MW, carries a hospitality mission while visiting the editorial of, S. Parman Road, Medan, on Thursday (02/21/2019). 

They acknowledged that the blockage of the company's information flow to the public had been used by a number of parties to attack the Batang Toru Hydropower so far. One of them is the issue of water logging issues. Unmitigated, the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) is said to be inundating around 9,600 Batang Toru forests.

"By the previous management before us, there was a lot of information that was not conveyed properly, which led to multiple interpretations in the community," said NSHE Environmental Advisor Senior, Agus Djoko Iswanto.

He who came with Dwipo Kuncoro, NSHE Communication Consultant from InterMatrix Communications, dismissed the issue of the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) that would inundate 9,600 hectares.

According to him, NSHE has a basis. First because the area of land to be flooded for the purpose of moving the power plant is only 90 hectares, and even then it includes the river body of 24 hectares. In fact, the total land needed for the operation of the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) is only 122 hectares, which is 90 ha of inundation and the rest includes offices and plants.

Unlike the Jati Luhur Reservoir, said Agus. Although with a capacity of 510 MW, the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) will not use 8,300 hectares as the Jati Luhur Reservoir land area for a capacity of 180 MW. "The issue of inundating 9,600 land in the Batang Toru forest, is very cornering us. This is not true at all. Let alone the surrounding villages, our plants also fell dead. Our period drowned ourselves," Agus said in a joking tone.

He also explained that the location of the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) is located in the Batangtoru area in Sipirok and Marancar which is in the area of Other Use Areas (APL) and is not included in the forest area.


In addition to the issue of flooding 9,600 hectares of land, the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) is also troubled by the issue that electric power will later be produced by the company, all to support mining activities in Batangtoru.

Referring to the issue, said Agus, it could be directed to Agincourt Resources Company, as the manager of the Martabe Gold Mine. However, based on North Sumatra Region PLN data, Agincourt since November 2017, supplies 30.1 MVA of electricity from PLN. Another growing issue is the issue of environmental destruction and the absence of the company in maintaining the sustainability of forestry, including orangutans.

"Well, if we say there is a disturbance, we will not deny that. But we have never damaged the environment in the context of existing provisions. We have EIA," said Agus.

Therefore, naturally, the construction of the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) continues to emphasize the importance of maintaining the sustainability of biodiversity, including animals in the Batangtoru region.

Indeed, the presence of the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP), continued Agus, is to support the government's program to build 35,000 MW. In supporting this effort, the Batang Toru Hydroelectric Power Plant is willing to invest US $ 1.6 billion or around 20 trillion rupiahs. "We are present with new renewable energy, which is utilizing the Batang Toru river water," he said.

With the renewable new energy, he also supports the government's target to support 23% of it in 2025. Then the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP) will reduce the role of the Diesel Power Plant (DPP). "The choice of Hydropower because it is cleaner and more sustainable. Therefore the presence of the Batang Toru Hydroelectric Power Plant will support the reduction of national carbon emissions. Our project will contribute to reducing carbon emissions by 1.6-2.2 MTon/year or by 4% of the target nationally, "he explained.

He also added that the Batang Toru hydropower was built not on fault, but was built to withstand earthquakes by adopting the best practices of the latest national and international regulations that apply, such as guidelines for the design and implementation of concrete dams from Balai Bendungan, and international Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD )Then where is the electricity produced by the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP)? Agus Djoko Ismanto said that the electricity would be fully supplied by PLN. "We have agreed on the purchase agreement or the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with PLN," he said.

Then the matter of labor, it trains up to 2,000 people. Of that number, 75% of the workforce is domestic, including local, and the rest are foreign. "We still prioritize the needs of the local workforce," he added.

The Editor in Chief of, Bersihar Lubis, appreciated the investment in the Batang Toru Hydro Electric Power Plant (HEPP). He suggested that the information faucet that was important to be known by the public, to continue to be published.

"Information that actually happened, please just say it. The public will take control, I think that there is no information at all, certainly creates a lot of perceptions and can be packaged by many parties for certain interests," Bersihar said.

Also present on the occasion, General Leader, Paul Kusuma and Editor of, Hisar Hasibuan.


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