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24 September 2006

Yesterday I got an important revelation from a blog expert, the premier writer on IT lifestyle in the country, Mr Budi Putra. He writes for Tempo magazine and CNET and recites web concepts as more than terminology. My revelation came when he (and the television show we appeared on, 'E-Lifestyle' @ Metro TV) called me a blogger. Roy Suryo, the host, said in the opening, 'tamu kita sudah sangat dikenal, dia adalah bla bla bla, tapi dia disini dalam kapasitas sebagai blogger.' Omigod! Am I really one? Felt like rushing somewhere to confirm this, and found this screen shot instead. Not bad for you to see what I mean.


So, they call me a blogger. I feel like John F. Kennedy who came to the Berlin Wall in 1963 and said: Ich bin ein Berliner.. Now I can say, Ich bin ein Blogger.. Thank you Budi Putra and Metro TV. Thank you my webmaster who set me up and sets me straight. I am a blogger. Hell yeah, I am.

Actually it would not be suicidal if the legitimization never came. Recognition is just the icing on the cake, but icing is great. There is always something to do in the blogosphere. In answer to Roy Suryo's question  as to whether I blog for fun or for serious, I said I always do everything for fun. But when people take it seriously, I try to be serious. Being called a blogger is definitely for fun, keeps you from taking yourself too seriously.

I have for years visited, studied and enjoyed blogs made by countless people. They are all good, excellent in fact, and I could not be disciplined like Budi Putra and identify the best ones at any given time. But I can talk about the most recent ones I visited and share with you what I found. As I am not a Web2.0 expert or even Web expert, my judgment is almost totally based on content. Here is what I found from Devi Girsang on 'It's My Life'. First, a useful blurb that says,

Those who have read everything are thought to understand everything too: but it is not always so. Reading furnished the mind only with materials of knowledge: it is thinking that makes what we read ours.

Hmm really very true. Btw, this what they mean by collective intelligence. Now Devi's intelligence is absorbed, at least in part, and it can boost up mine. Bloggers are such socially inclined people, and they are so connected in networks, no wonder blogging is really seen as social networking. And that is why Web2.0 - although they may call it a buzzword - is really social networking leveraged by a Giga factor into the most promising form of social order stronger than any terrorist network. The strength comes from the fact that anyone can be part of the blogger community.

Devi Girsang writes a really neat piece about public libraries, the presence and absence thereof, in Jakarta. Receiving reactions from a blog posting in which she said that there are no public libraries in Jakarta, somebody told her about the National Library. So Devi writes,

Thus I decided to experience myself how a public library works here. The one on Salemba Raya 28 is pretty far from my residence, but whatever… my curiosity was driving me crazy! LOL.

My first impression when I found the building; okay, it has a wide parking area and esthetical fountain in the middle. Nice.

The rest you should read for yourself, try it.

Actually Devi Girsang's website was obtained from something Marsha Siagian wrote in a mailing list on Conan (not the Barbarian and not the standup comedian-cum-talk show host).

There is also a link to a blog-in-hiatus by Kristee. This must be our current Miss Indonesia. Is that right, Marsha? So, this posting ends with an off-topic parting shot: Who says beauty queens are dumb? Two of the smartest women I know were in the Miss Indonesia contest, Marsha Siagian from North Sumatra and Kristania Besouw from North Sulawesi and now Miss Indonesia. Look her up in the  Miss World website.

As for Marsha? Three days after the Miss Indonesia contest, she left for London. Nowadays I spend productive hours reading her blog, from which I shall not quote. Just look it up yourself, it gives an overall sensation of positive energy which you do not find in many blogs, although negative-energy blogs certainly have an important place in the blogosphere also.

Bad blogs, good blogs, just-so blogs. Power blogs, sentimental blogs, poetic blogs, militant blogs. Blogs with a mission, blogs abougt nothing. In a pluralist world, all have their place. The world is large, The Long Tail provides niches of time and place for everyone. Hell yeah it does.


Update September 29, 2006: Budi Putra

Just as I thought I had everything, came the icing on the cake. A very nice - perhaps a bit undeserved - litany of approval from Budi Putranto again, this time a full-fledged posting in CNET Asia titled  Hell, yeah! No regrets to being a veteran blogger. Yup I thank you Budi Putra.  Hell yeah,  I do.

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  1. From enda on 24 September 2006 12:50:58 WIB
    Om Wimar, you are a blogger alright! :D
  2. From ele on 24 September 2006 14:33:24 WIB
    well, you are a blogger mr. wimar
  3. From ary h on 24 September 2006 16:30:31 WIB
    You're a true pluralist Om Wimar!! I like your last lines. Stupid blogs, smart blogs, mediocre blogs, they're all recognized and seen as dignified individuals by all bloggers. Everybody has the right to be somebody in the blogsphere and therefore all worth reading and knowing. So, pertanyaannya, why the hell in the real world people tend to be xenophobic, gating themselves from the Others and being so, so, so evasive when talking about their personal things? Especially to strangers! Kenapa ya, di dunia nyata orang cenderung menutup diri sementara di blog orang bisa gila-gilaan bicara cinta, kebencian, kesedihan etc. semua orang.
  4. From wimar on 24 September 2006 22:22:23 WIB
    very good question, ary. perhaps you cannot generalize individual behavior. ada yang xenophopbic, ada yang terbuka. orang yang menutup diri beda dengan orang yang bicara terbuka di blog. takes all kinds to make a world.
  5. From Jennie on 24 September 2006 23:13:37 WIB
    A few comments on the state of blogging today, more than mere "citizen journalism":

    1. Cited by my research assistant Lindsay from IAOC's site, "85% of (those) blogs are written by professional bloggers, a number that is staggering and far larger than in the past."

    She further stated in the report assigned to her, "Blogging has not always carried such prestige and capacity for success; in the past it was seen more as an informal way to present diary-like emotions to the world at large but it has since developed into something more."

    2. The Huffington Post by Ariana Huffington has raised $5 million from an East Coast venture capitalist. The blog's minimalistic design is now the home of some 200 bloggers who write alongside Ariana.

    3. Cited from yours truly's doctorate paper, "Today, blog is a platform used for various purposes, including camouflaging as a direct channel between a brand owner and their customers. Because, in its first intended use, a blog is exactly that: a direct channel of communication between the blogger and the readers.

    This explains why blog is an ideal platform for direct customer relations in today’s branding awareness strategy. Almost everybody now has a blog, and people are more interested in reading blogs, which has a great intrinsic value about directness and freedom of speech, than reading an online newspaper filled with biased and steering advertisements."

    Blogging, apparently, has moved to the realm of business branding. As a platform, it allows direct communications to occur, which has direct impact to a business' longevity. More and more corporate blogs are used to entice readers a.k.a. customers.

    Blogging in Indonesia: which one is it? I'm eager to see how blogging becomes an agent change in the Indonesian society.

    Thanks for all bloggers who make the blogosphere a more diversed and interesting playground.

    Jennie S. Bev

  6. From Jennie on 24 September 2006 23:24:25 WIB
    Another one. Cited from my school paper (again), "The latest blogging phenomenon is another favorable development for Web-based businesses as it is a huge word-of-mouth engine, which is a form of viral marketing in its purest format."

    Thanks for being an exemplary blogger, Mr. Witoelar.

    Jennie S. Bev
  7. From Ben on 25 September 2006 00:33:15 WIB
    Om Wimar abis 'diwisuda' jadi blogger? MAKAN-MAKAN™ :)
  8. From wimar on 25 September 2006 01:18:30 WIB
    I am truly getting an education here. Thanks, Jennie and all. (How can we get to share some more of your dissertation?)

    I guess two platitudes are appropriate here:
    1. You learn something new every day (every hour really)
    2. Life is really like a box of chocolates.
    You never know what you are going to get, when you start to move your writing from a notebook (the non-electrfonic kind) to a text file then to a website then to a blog.

    One saying which may be challenged is "You cannot tell an old dog new tricks"
  9. From Marsha on 25 September 2006 06:57:46 WIB
    Dear Ary,
    In the case of blogging, internet is seen as a neutral medium on which a person becomes 'merely bytes', equal to his/her contemporaries regardless of his/her status. The bytes water down much of the unpleasant social connotations that come with one's open expressions. One doesn't get proverbially stared at with a weird/piercing/judgemental glance by a reader when the blog turns unpleasant. This lack of negative social rejection makes blogs an appealing communications vehicle for many.

    As for the particular blog-in-hiatus, I'm not sure who the owner might be. Tough luck...
  10. From EI on 25 September 2006 08:46:07 WIB
    Wah WW dapat legitimasi dari dunia nih. Padahal emang bliau itu blogger, dan setuju utk sebutan the pluralist blogger.
    Jadi tambah pede nih, status kita yg lagi jd murid hahaha.. Gurunya dapat pengesahan titel :)
  11. From wimar on 25 September 2006 08:51:45 WIB
    thanks ei. seperti sby lagi kampanye, tahu-tahu dapat gelar Doktor. percaya kan jadinya? hehehe thanks anak-anakku...
  12. From Syahrani on 25 September 2006 08:59:13 WIB
    om Wimar, terima questionnaire saya belum ya? Just asking :)
  13. From EI on 25 September 2006 09:02:12 WIB
    btw, speaking about pluralist, saya lihat blog saya yang isinya cuma tentang anak, jadi di-link nih di PO.
    Apa itu berarti saya juga disahkan jadi blogger pak? hehe.. blogger kecil-kecilan kali..
    Anyway, thanks!
  14. From dian ina on 25 September 2006 09:39:35 WIB
    tentu saja om wimar ini blogger.
    harus pede, ok?!
  15. From dokter boy on 25 September 2006 09:50:51 WIB
    hehehehhehehe, you're the incredible blogger, Mr Wimar, you just like Jaka Tingkir in Indonesian Bloggers Community, hehehehehhe. I have an idea, why in Indonesia there is no Bloggers Community? Can you be te founder of a Bloggers community in Indonesia? Indonesian Bloggers Community, yes its the name. I have an idea, thats with Indonesian Bloggers Community, we can share with others bloggers in indonesia about our republic Indonesia. And Begin with Indonesian Bloggers Community, can improve our vision about the future of Indonesia, and we can make a new " Indiche Partij" ala Bloggers too...., Bravo om Wimar, The "Jaka Tingkir" of Indonesian Bloggers.....
  16. From ary h on 25 September 2006 11:11:13 WIB
    "This lack of negative social rejection" that makes bloggers feel free when they are blogging. Yeah, i think that's the answer. Thank You Marsha. Have you ever been socially rejected? Hehehe...I'm joking. It's just such a pity that you missed the chance to know other people when you reject somebody, isn't it?
  17. From ary h on 25 September 2006 11:11:16 WIB
    "This lack of negative social rejection" that makes bloggers feel free when they are blogging. Yeah, i think that's the answer. Thank You Marsha. Have you ever been socially rejected? Hehehe...I'm joking. It's just such a pity that you missed the chance to know other people when you reject somebody, isn't it?
  18. From Ollie on 25 September 2006 11:48:11 WIB
    Yes yes of course you are a blogger! :) Nyesel nih kelewatan, gak nonton yang di Metro TV.
  19. From daysleeper on 25 September 2006 14:00:15 WIB
    Well said.... Well said guys, I'm a newbie but surely I'm learning every day here(every hour actually). This blog is become one of my last resort from my daily work. How about WW become our Indonesia blooger community president? hehehehehe secara sudah jadi jubir para blogger metro TV gitu? :)
  20. From auliya on 25 September 2006 14:35:34 WIB
    Salute, WW...demam nge-blog sekarang memang lagi hot-hotnya. Boleh juga tuh dibuat buku panduan praktis dan ringan how to make an effective blogs, pelopornya IMX. Sipppp !
  21. From imel on 25 September 2006 14:49:40 WIB
    well let me see...

    of course you are true Bloggers. Your blog is an inspiration for other Bloggers especially me (a newcomer in Bloggers Community) coz your blog is a good example of how content and style so balance. Congrats WW hope I can be like you (modern journalist)

  22. From Jennie on 25 September 2006 22:50:23 WIB
    Bung Wimar, sure I'll share my dissertation by mid 2007, I intend to publish it in hard copy. I'll send you a copy shortly. Btw, are you enjoying the Corvette bottle sent via my mom? :D

  23. From Daisy on 26 September 2006 13:56:04 WIB
    Hell yeah you did!
    You're a blogger :)
  24. From mr.bink on 26 September 2006 14:39:29 WIB
    Wah...jan pak de wimar ki blogger banget. Nggawe boso inggris pisan, kapan yo nggawe boso jowo? hehehe
  25. From Devi on 26 September 2006 16:52:27 WIB
    *gasp* thank you for visiting and reviewing my blog, Om :) I really appreciate it.

    As for beauty-queens-are-dumb; I think people's mind are set like that basically based on Nadine's reputation during Miss Universe first interview. Well nobody's perfect. Hopefully people will change their mind after they reckon smart women you've mentioned like Marsha and Kristania.

  26. From xta on 01 October 2006 13:50:09 WIB
    you make my bloggin spirit boost of the roof!
    vivA blogger (yes, viva someone just like you, bos wewe!)
  27. From Goestaf on 15 February 2007 13:28:29 WIB
    Hahaha.. ketangkap sudah, ternyata Bang Wimar ngeblog juga. Tapi, gak apa... masuk akal bila ngeblog, wong orang hobinya ngomong ama menulis ;-)
  28. From anthie on 03 April 2007 14:40:24 WIB
    sampai beberapa hari yang lalu saya sama sekali ga nyangka and ga tau klo om wimar ini nge blog juga.. :)
    saya kirain yang nge blog itu cuma anak2 muda aja yang lagi iseng ga ada kerjaan or orang2 yang ga mampu mengekspresikan dirinya sebebas di dunia maya :p
    but sure now im wrong..(or not??)hehehe..
  29. From Fithri Amalia on 18 April 2007 15:31:33 WIB
    blogging is a new activity from me, and found in this new activity is so fun;) so keep on blogging om;)
    salam kenal dari Fithri;)
  30. From januar on 05 August 2007 07:10:04 WIB
    banyak blog yang pake bahasa inggris, jadinya ngga ngerti, but its okay,im learning now!!
  31. From lady day on 05 October 2007 00:03:18 WIB
    It's really cool the way you narrated your existence as a blogger. I also love the way you referred to female bloggers without being overtly feminist and with genuine respect.
    And boy.... I'm glad you're not one of those men who believe that pretty women are dumb.

    warm regards,
    mer aka lady day
  32. From ryan on 03 February 2008 19:54:03 WIB
    hi om wimar...
    im is a new blogger.
    who i can goes to blogger parti next time??
    and im don't have a friends on blogger..
    im boring..
    thanks mr,wimar
  33. From Ambardi Nasution on 17 February 2008 20:10:03 WIB
    Mr Wimar Witoelar,
    I have read your article in Kompas newspaper today Februari 17, 2008 on page 30,
    And I have sent email to your direct email and your friendster, pls see your friendster too, I found you search in friendster with key word `Wimar Witoelar` its right
    I hope you want make friendship with me
    Again and again thanks a lot and Thank you very much
  34. From Ambardi Nasution on 26 March 2008 20:23:47 WIB
    Bapak Wimar Witoelar
    Dikomentar sebelumnya saya pake bahasa Inggris tapi saat ini variasi pake bahasa Indonesia ya pak berhubung bahasa Inggris saya masih dangkal:)
    selamat perspektif hadir di tv, saya lihat acara perdana perspektif di tv, dan pada hari pertama itu malam harinya saya ada kirim email ke direct email bpk dan fs dan ke email tv yang menayangkan perspektif, maaf mohon berkenan dikesibukan bapak email saya dibaca dan saya ucapkan terimakasih sebelumnya, diemail tersebut saya ada informasikan mengani UKM mungkin suatu saat perspektif mengangkat soal UKM. sebenernya saya ingin cantumkan website baru dan tambahan email baru saya disini tapi takut ditolak karena dilarang untuk promosi:) jadi saya tuliskan di email dan fs bapak yang pasti email baru dan email sebelumnya tetap aktif, ini penting di jelaskan karena ada penjelasan (pake email palsu = bisa ditolak)
    alasan mengapa ada email baru alasannya cuman singkat yaitu dulu pake email gratis saat ini baru beli domain jadi pake website dan email yang bayar
    oia di email tersebut dan di forum ini saya juga mau tanyakan apakah boleh saya cantumkan link perspektif di website saya atau blog saya? agar perspektif lebih banyak diketahui masyarakat jadi bisa tambah pengetahuan terbuka demokratis dan luas, semoga akhirnya bisa berdampak baik dan positif tuk kemajuan Indonesia kedepan, amien
    sukses selalu
    salam dan terimaksih banyak
  35. From Rasta on 13 March 2012 17:38:42 WIB
    Font: makasih atas oppusrtnya, tapi saya belajar dari awal lagi nih untuk edit dan modifi template . . he .. he , padalah udah hampir setahun lho belajar blogspot. oh ya font nya bagus-bagus lho, tapi kok gak ada tempat coment nya?salam

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